Here's what companies -- from practically every industry -- say about appearing on Stu Taylor's radio shows
Roni Deutch Tax Corporation Inc.: "I love talking to Stu Taylor! The man is wicked smart, unbelievably witty and his topics are always right on point. Stu makes every discussion lively and exciting. Appearing on Stu's shows has helped increase my brand recognition to an all time high of 51% and has also improved my bottom line. Anyone who wants to grow their business needs to talk to Stu Taylor!"

--Roni Deutch

Dr. Robert J. Melamede, Ph.D. CANNABIS SCIENCE Inc. “I want to thank you for the opportunity that you provided Cannabis Science (CBIS) to speak with your listening audience. I think we have a compelling story that needs to be heard, especially in this era of increasing harmful drug use induced side effects and of rising health care costs. Judging from the responses that we have received, I have to say your audience agrees. I really enjoyed working with Stu. His intelligent and insightful questions lead the interview in an effective and communicative direction. Since we are a science based company, he did a particularly good job in enabling us to educate the public. Again, thanks for the opportunity that you provided to us.”

-- Dr. Robert Melamede, President
Great Interview. Really probing questions, We got deep into the subject despite the time limitations.

-- Hunter Lewis, author of Where Keynes Went wrong

Shannon Harrison at First Capital Partners LLC was instrumental in brining us to the Equity Strategies radio show which Stu Taylor, the talk show host, was extremely professional during the broadcast and covers everything the a listening audience would like to know about our company Commerce Online. We
believe that over the next year First Capital Partners and the Equity Strategies exposure is a good venue to showcase our developments and progression with Commerce Online . We look forward to working with Stu and Shannon for quite some time to come.


Russ Regan
Dejour Enterprises: "We had both an increase in website hits and news release signups. You are creating additional awareness from your shows. I appreciate you keeping in touvh as we go through these interviews"

--Lori Kozub

Encore Gold : "Thank you for booking me again for your shows. The results have been fantastic."

--Mike Will

Oragenics, Inc: "Most happy with the response and added length of time people have spent on my website since we started the advertising campaign."

--Dr. Robert Zhradnick, President, CEO


Sanco Services: "I've been doing a monthly series of financial shows on Stu's programs for over a year now and my client base has grown remarkably throughout the country as a result! As an author and a Professional Investment Manager, I've been around the talk show circuit, and I can say without reservation that he is the absolute best host for leading the discussion to the most important areas. My books sales have grown as a result of our unique programming.”

--Steve Selengut


Scites Associates: "Scites Associates recently had the opportunity to be interviewed on Stu Taylorâs three talk radio shows. These shows provide a reasonably priced vehicle for both start-up and mature businesses to increase their reach. Mr. Taylorâs thoughtful questions allow you to outline your business and your value proposition. He provides an objective forum to get information out to potential customers.
I found him to be completely professional and easy to talk with. He asked probing questions that got down to the issues without being confrontational. For Scites Associates it was money well spent.

--Jan Scites, President

Togo's: Thank you for having me on your show, Stu Taylor on Business on October 13. We appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about Togo's and I hope you got a sense of how excited we are about the prospects going forward.
Your questions were insightful and fair. Clearly you had done your homework on the Togo's brand and our multi-brand initiative. While you gave us plenty of chances to say what we wanted to say about our business you also asked challenging questions that you knew your audience would be asking.
It was a real pleasure talking to you and I hope we can do it again soon. Until then, we hope you have plenty of opportunities to keep Togo's on the tip of your tongue.

Best Regards,

--Ed Frechette, Director of Marketing, Multi-branding

iExalt, Inc.: "I enjoyed my time with Stu Taylor. He was easy to talk to and did a great job of raising key issues for discussion. He provided an excellent opportunity for us to communicate the purpose and mission of iExalt. Stu and Business 1060/Radio America have been key participants in the success of iExalt.

--Don Sapaugh, Chief Executive Officer. iExalt, Inc.

Feigenbaum & Uddo, LLC: "As a follow up to our recent conversation, I thought I would write to you to provide you feedback on our recent interview on Business 1060. As we discussed, I have received a number of telephone calls from friends as well as new business prospects indicating that they had heard the interview on the radio and were both impressed and pleased with the content and subject matter. At the present time, I have scheduled several meetings with new prospects directly resulting from this radio interview.
The interview and the results stemming from them have far exceeded my expectations and I am greatly appreciative of the opportunity to have worked with you on this project. I look forward to working on another interview project with you as a means of enhancing my business. Thanks again.

Very truly yours,

--Richard A. Feigenbaum


Galway Resources:  Thank you for the time you took to get involved with the radio project for Galway Resources.  In combination with the other promotions we had going on with Galway, there was appositive response to the interviews. 

--Sabrina Reid, Scott F Gibson & Company

First Capital Partners LLC: Stuart Taylor has been a tremendous asset and partner to my company pursuant to my investor relations campaign for client companies. He has always handled himself in a very professional and positive manner with each client CEO/CFO in which generated more and more repeat business for my company.
Having Stu profile my client companies to gain maximum exposure generated numerous calls and inquiries for each one respectively and in essence helped the company progress even faster in their sector. I have had roughtly 25 to 30 clients broadcast on Stu Taylor's network and consistently get only rave reviews as to how much they enjoyed the show and very much looked forward to doing it again at a later date.
Once again, Stu Taylor has added so much diversity to my companies' campaign and I only hope he continues to do what he does so well--anchor host for as long as possible. Thank you, Stu.


--Shannon Harrison, Chairman / CEO

Investors Capital Corporation: Investors Capital Corporation likes radio and Stu Taylor is one of the best! We especially like the fact that our segments are heard on Business Talk Radio, Business 1060 and Radio America simultaneously. In this way, we are able to reach a significant national audience on three important networks concurrently. Therefore, our time is well spent with Stu and his important audience. Besides that, actually appearing on Stu's show is a great deal of fun.
Intelligent, chatty, quick and informed, Stu is a marvelous host. He is able to hold the audience's attention throughout his show because of his perspective and his ability to simplify complex financial issues.
As someone who has appeared on national television more than 100 times on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNNFN, TechTv and Reuters Television, I can assure everyone that Stu is a provocative and entertaining host. We feel that Stu's show is helpful in assisting us to establish a national presence for our firm and our products. Clearly, the time we spent with Stu is worthwhile.
As our country continues to have a significant interest in the economy, the stock market and other financial matters, we expect that Stu's show will continue to enjoy good distribution and an ever-increasing audience.
We recommend that everyone take some time out of his or her day and listen to Stu's show. They will not be disappointed in what they learn about important financial matters that concern each one of us.

Best wishes,

--Fred Sears, Chief Investment Officer, Investors Capital Corporation


Stu with Tim Russert of "Meet the Press"



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