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Below are just some of the many comments from organizations that have invited Stu Taylor to speak. To book Stu Taylor for your upcoming meeting, conference or public event, please contact us via email or telephone 

“The Financial Market Meltdown: A Gut Check from the Real World” Boston University School of Economics (September, 2008)

“Stu ,thanks so much for the marvelous talk you gave to our students at Boston University.  Your analysis of the state of the economy was insightful and persuasive, and the students really appreciated learning about the economy from someone who is so well connected to business leaders and their thinking”

--Boston University  Professor of Economics,  President’s Council of Economic Advisors, author of “Spend ‘til the End”  Laurence Kotlikoff

Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University (April, 2008)

Stu spoke to one of my classes where he captivated the students and me on a wide range of issues for today’s investor and entrepreneur. Whether you are a guest on Stu’s show, or a listener, you feel as if you are sitting in your living room with a lifelong friend. As such, I highly recommend Stu as a speaker, and his radio shows without reservation.

Scott Rothbort
Term Professor, Stillman School of Business
President, LakeView Asset Management, LLC
Manager, TheFinanceProfessor.com


Leadership Centers USA-TEC, Florida (Feb 2008)

Stu presented to my CEO Roundtable, and hos enthusiasm and energy were contagious. He imparted important "pearls of wisdom" from his very interesting life experiences that every business person needs to be reminded of and act on. He was both thoughtful and entertaining.'

Jaynie Smith, Chairman and author of "Creating Competitive Advantage".

'That was an excellent presentation on your part to the TEC Stuart, Florida meeting that we had. All of us appreciated the information and content'

John T. Corcia, President and CEO

'Stu, just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk. The anecdotes were fine. In fact, they stole the show. The content was great. Hope to catch up with you again sometime.'

Bob Baratta, MD

The Ritz Carlton - Philadelphia, Pa 

My team really enjoyed meeting and listening to you.  I enjoy hearing successful sales stories, and you certainly have some great ones.  My team found it beneficial, and I hope it will translate into increased success for them.  My personal favorite story was when you earned the rights to the Saturday Night Fever posters on a national basis and used it to increase the sales of all your products.  The handouts were great.   

I have enjoyed all of our meetings and discussions and was leases that my mangers had the opportunity to meet with you as well. 

Bob Sullivan, Director of Sales and Marketing

 Babson Graduate School of Business - Wellesley, MA

"Thank you for your excellent speech at Babson last week. Everyone was impressed at the depth and breadth of the subject matter, and I as a professor could not have asked for a better complement to the course work this semester. I found your ability to weave together business, strategy, and the concept of personal product development fascinating and valuable. The class loved it!!

We look forward to having you guest lecture again at Babson, and again, I appreciate your time.

Sincerely, Professor John Cogliandro


"Stu Taylor is one of the best motivational speakers our chapter has ever heard. In the hour prior to presenting, Stu took the time to get to know a great many of our members. Then he blew us away and totally captivated our audience by working in so many of the members'
names and earlier conversations into his presentation, "Carpe Diem- Seizing the Opportunity". He showed us that networking is a powerful tool that we can learn about.
Because his career is so distinguished, listening to his real life experiences was informative, entertaining, and right on the mark for what our group needed to hear. We truly appreciate the many anecdotes he shared of the great, powerful, and influential leaders of the world whom he has met. We left the meeting ready to take on the world and seize the next opportunity, that in the past, had always lied just beyond our grasp.
Our thanks goes out to Stu for his inspiring pearls of wisdom."

Very truly yours,

Robert McCulloch, Past President of the Boston Chapter of IMA.

 New York Int'l. Gift Fair - New York, NY

"I wanted to thank you again for participating in the New York International Gift Fair's 'Train and Retain: Empowering Your Employees' seminar. Your time and effort are truly appreciated.

Your enthusiasm and knowledge of trends...coupled with a terrific sense of humor, was a welcome and refreshing approach to educating our retailers. They found the seminar both interesting and informative, and really seemed to enjoy it.

If you need a reference for future speaking engagements, please feel free to call me.

Best regards,

Lori Neuman Media & Events Superviso, r George Little Management, Inc.

Airleaf Publishing and Book Selling – Martinsville, Indiana

I was simply astonished by your presentation.  Not only did you capture the attention of an unruly mob of authors, you actually held them riveted.  What impressed me most was the way you would illustrate motivational concepts with real life example- usually involving people in the news past and present.  I was also fascinated by your ability to motivate.  By the time you were done talking I was so fired up that I wanted to blow off the rest of the conference and go straight to work. 

Brien Jones, Executive Vice President

ISES- International Special Event Society- Philadelphia

As Director of Education for The International Special Events Society I am always seeking interesting and informative speakers for our monthly meetings.  I found that in Stu Taylor.   Intelligent, witty and able to speak on a wide range of subjects, he tailored his presentation to our members.  This adaptability allowed Stu to leave them with useful and inciteful information that they could apply to their businesses.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a funny and interesting speaker who can deliver.

Mark Mastrangelo, Director of Education ISES Greater Philadelphia Chapter

American Marketing Association - Boston, MA

"I can't thank you enough! Your participation in The Sports Marketing Night, October 6, helped make the evening a complete success. This was the American Marketing Association's first sports marketing night and because of the tremendous response, this has the potential to lead to a two-day sports conference.

During the evening, many attendees mentioned to me they really enjoyed meeting you. You are a very polished and professional speaker. It is easy to see why you have been successful over the years!

On behalf of the American Marketing Association, I would like to say "A JOB WELL DONE!". I look forward to seeing you soon.


Merrill Dubrow President-Elect

Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce, Massachusetts

Thank you so much for the incredible speaking engagement that you did for our 11th Annual Membership Breakfast.  Many of our members are still talking about your talk!  It was such a pleasure to talk with you after the breakfast.  I look forward to listening to you on the radio and following your career.

Jeanne L Osborn, President CEO, Gretaer LowellChamber of Commerce

Cary Memorial Library - Lexington, MA

"Thank you for speaking at our Lexington Authors' Evening on November 3. Your approach was of interest to people with various goals beyond opening their own business. And your own success in practicing your tenets of networking is a model for others to follow.


Nancy R. Winsten, Co-Chairman

South Bay Mental Health Center - Brockton, MA

"Members of the club came up to me afterwards and let me know how interested they were with your presentation and how much they appreciated your taking the time to speak with us. As you may know, the Rotary Club has a speaker each week, and as a result, we all get to see and hear many interesting and fascinating people. However, many members of the club commented to me that this was the 'best' speaker which we have had in their memory. Given the number of public personalities, sports figures, authors and business representatives, this is indeed high praise.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Scanlon, Ph.D. Executive Director

128 Roundtable - Lexington, MA

"Thank you for taking the time to speak at the 128 Roundtable meeting last month. Your presentation was a powerful demonstration of how you've used networking in your career to succeed. Also your common sense approach to everyday business helped to bring some of our group members back on track...not an easy thing to do in today's complicated business environment.

I have just finished your book How to Trends into Fortunes. It proved to be as helpful and as no-nonsense as your discussion. I have already recommended it to several of my colleagues.

The 128 Roundtable would like to make you an annual guest speaker if your schedule allows it. In the meantime I'll be watching for you on television and listening regularly to your talk show.

Thanks again,

Greg Blagden


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