Notable Interviewees

Here is a small sample of some of the many luminaries interviewed by Stu Taylor on the radio:

Dick Morris - Fox News Channel commentator & political strategist (Click here to listen to the interview)

Jack Welch - Former CEO of GE. ( Listen to the interview: Part 1 | Part 2)

Michelle Malkin - Syndicated Columnist

Alan Webber - Founder, Fast Company Magazine.

John Warner - Former US Senator

David and Tom Gardner - The Motley Fool

Hunter Lewis, author of Where Keynes Went Wrong

Michael Barone- senior writer for US News & World Report

John Bolton- former US Ambassador to United Nations

Douglas Feifth- former Undersecretary of Defense for George W. Bush

Ron Suskind- Pulitzer Prize journalist

Mike Gravel- former US Alaska Senator and 2008 presidential candidate

Howard Fineman- Newsweek Senior Washington Correspondent

Neil Cavuto- anchor and managing editor of Fox News Channel and senior vp of Fox Business Network

Robert Novak- syndicated columnist and political commentator

Alan Murray- Deputy Managing Editor of Wall Street Journal

Linda Chavez- former Secretary of Labor for George W. Bush

Newt Gingrich –Former Speaker of The House

Carly Fiorina –Former CEO of Hewlett Packard

John Naisbit- Futurist, author, Megatrends

William Cohenformer Secretary of Defense under President Clinton

Anthony Robbins - Best-selling author and motivational speaker

Jean Chatsky – Financial Editor of NBC’s Today Show

Doris Kearns Goodwin- Historian, Author

Patrick Buchanan – Former Presidential Candidate and TV Analyst

Ann Coulter- Author, TV Personality

Suze Orman - best-selling business author and lecturer

Jackie Mason - Comedian

Ted Williams - legendary Boston Red Sox baseball hall of famer

Harvey Mackay - best-selling business author and lecturer

Tom Peters - best-selling business author and lecturer

Brian Tracy - motivational Speaker

Peter Quick – Former President, American Stock Exchange

Fred Barnes -" Weekly Standard"- Fox News- "The Beltway Boys"

George Stephanopoulos - former White House advisor to President Clinton

Knight Kiplinger- The Kiplinger Letter

Jack Valenti – Special Assistant to Pres, Johnson & Pres. Of Motion Picture Association of America

Mort Kondracke- Fox News- The Beltway Boys

Jonathan Alter- Newsweek

Eleanor Clift – Newsweek

Michael Weisskorf- Time Magazine

Dr. Laura Schlessinger – Author, Talk Show Host

Zell Miller- Former  U. S. Senator

Joe Scarborough -Joe Scarborough - host, "Morning Joe", MSNBC

Fred Barnes -" Weekly Standard"- Fox News- "The Beltway Boys"

John Ashcroft - Former U.S. Attorney General

J.D. Hayworth- U.S. Congressman

E.D.Hill – Fox News Channel

Steve Doocy- Fox & Friends

Andrea Mitchell - Chief NBC Correspondent

Douglas Brinkley – Presidential Historian

Mike Huckabee – Governor of Arkansas

Mitt Romney-  Former Governor of Massachusetts

Bill Richardson – Governor of New Mexico

Tom Carper - former Governor of Delaware

F. Lee Bailey - Attorney

David Hackworth - decorated Colonel and U.S. military advisor

Bernard Trainor - decorated General and U.S. military advisor

Marvin Traub - former CEO, Bloomingdales

Wilson Harrell - former publisher, Inc. Magazine

David Maraniss - Washington Post writer and Pulitzer Prize winner

David Alpern - senior editor, Newsweek

Roger Ebert - nationally-syndicated film critic/movie reviewer

Judith Miller - New York Times writer

Stedman Graham- Author, CEO

Terry Francona – Boston Red Sox Manager




Listen to Steve Forbes' reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor


Listen to Alan Dershowitz's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor



Listen to Jack Welch's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor


Listen to Dick Morris' reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor


Listen to Susan Estrich's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor


Listen to Carl Bernstein's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor


Listen to George Forman's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor


Listen to Jackie Mason's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor



Listen to John Harwood's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor



Listen to Mike Huckabee's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor



Listen to Tony Blankley's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor



Listen to Mark Victor Hansen's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor


Ken Blanchard


Listen to Ken Blanchard's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor



Listen to David Faber's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor



Listen to James Woolsey's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor



Listen to Ralph Nader's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor



Listen to William Frist's reaction after an interview with Stu Taylor




Reaction after Interviews:

Robert Kiyosaki, author, Rich Dad Poor Dad: "Many people, possibly thousands, have interviewed me and Stu Taylor is one of the best. He gets to the point without being critical or condescending. He allows me to say what I want to say, without editing or interfering. In the world of journalism he is a true pro"

Allan Webber, Founder, Fast Company Magazine: "It's easy enough to divide the world of business and business commentary to those who get it and those who don't. What's disappointing is that odds seem to be stacked in favor of those who don't get it -- and against those who do. Frankly, it's rare to meet and talk with someone who gets it as clearly, as intelligently, and as intuitively as you do, Stu. You've got it -- the whole package. You understand what's going on, what's important and what's trivial, what matters and what should be ignored -- and you also have the gift of clear and cogent explanation. It's a pleasure and an honor to know you and to be able to hang out with you across the nation's airwaves! Keep it up!"

W. Randall Jones, author, The Richest Man in Town: "Talking to Stu Taylor is like speaking to Solomon. He's wise, but equally as witty and a truly engaging and entertaining interviewer. Stu's perfect pitch is knowing what listeners need to know and extracting the real pearls of wisdom from his expert gusts, and he does it with brute intelligence and panache. Stu is simply stupendous"

Charles Jacobs, author of Management Rewired: "I've given a lot of interviews for my book recently, and the one with Stu was unquestionably the best. He made me feel at ease, and framed his questions so that they brought out the best answers. I think Stu can make anybody sound good in an interview. He is a talented and genuine man."

Harry Dent, author of The Great Depression Ahead. "I love Stu Taylor because he has the guts to ferret out the real facts and tell his listeners not just what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. Stu, thanks for being there!"

Senator Mike Gravel, "Thank you for having me on your show. Obviously you know enough of my views to disagree with many of the positions I hold with respect to United States policies. Nevertheless, let me say I have never been treated more fairly and with total courtesy. You were more than generous in letting me get my message out without interruption or shrill argumentation. You can be proud of how you handle yourself as a broadcaster."

John Gray, Ph.D. author of Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus. "I completely enjoyed the shows I did with Stu. He is brilliant and down to earth, asking great questions and responding with both positive enthusiasm and insightful experiences."

David Maraniss, Washington Post writer and Pulitzer Prize Winner: "I wanted to thank you for the excellent interview. It was such a pleasure to talk to someone who had read and appreciated the book, and could turn it into such a lively discussion. Thanks again. I'll call you next time I'm in Boston."

Harvey MacKay, renowned speaker and author of Swim With the Sharks: "...the best interview I've had in ten years..."

Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals and motivational speaker: "Great interview, Stu! It was like talking to someone I've known for years, instead of a person I had only met by phone one time earlier. You made me feel comfortable. In fact, I can't believe you haven't been doing this for your entire career. Keep up the great work."

Dottie Walters, founder of Walters International Speakers Bureau: "Thank you so much for the great radio interview..."

Robert Ringer, author of Action!, Winning through Intimidation, and Looking Out for #1: "I've been interviewed hundreds of times over the years, from small local shows to most of the national talk shows. And one thing I've learned from all those interviews is that being a good interviewer requires a great deal of skill. I've been interviewed by Stu Taylor three times, and I can say unequivocally that he is one of the brightest, most engaging, most talented interviewers with whom I have had the pleasure to work -- and I've worked with the best. When it comes to verbal skills, Stu Taylor is a truly gifted individual."

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D., author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: “Stu Taylor is a professional. He is highly organized with an excellent grasp of his material. He presents questions in a most logical manner to which his audience can relate, and he creates engaging and appropriate humor even if the topic is serious. “

Governor Mike Huckabee, “Loved doing your show and really look forward to a return in the near future. I can't express enough my gratitude for your encouragement. I like the dinner idea in Boston!”

Bruce Herschensohn, Professor, Pepperdine University, former Nixon and Reagan administration official; author, Taiwan :The Threatened
Democracy :“You are a superb host and interviewer. You brought out statements from me regarding politics and international relations that I have never given before - because the questions were never asked before. You make a person think and your style is unique. Thank you, Stu, for being there, and for bringing your personality to radio.”

Bill Cohen,Former Secretary of Defense: “You are a terrific interviewer, able to squeeze information into every minute. I hope to see you again, perhaps on my next book! Many thanks for your kind words and generosity. “

Paul M. McCord, McCord and Associates, author, Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Success through Client Referrals: ”Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me this morning. I really enjoyed it. Few interviewers have been prepared for their interviews, and I really appreciate that you were. Not only does it make the show go more smoothly, it also puts the interviewee at ease. I, like most people who have had several interviews, have had the unfortunate experience of being interviewed by someone who only learned my name and the name of the book a minute or two before going on the air. They stumble and fumble and the interview seems to drag on forever. This was the easiest interview I’ve had-moved along and we had the opportunity to actually get some real information out.”

Carl Bernstein, Pulitzer Prize author and columnist: "I just did an interview with Stu Taylor and it was really fun doing it! I hope the next time I'm in Boston, we get to do it again".


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