Carpe Diem: Seizing the Opportunity in Business

Stu Taylor is a uniquely inspirational speaker who will showcase his success in business, broadcasting and public relations with your group. His uncanny ability to transfer his skill sets, while interconnecting his experiences, demonstrate to his audiences how they can make it to the new marketplace of the 21st century.  His topics include:

Increase Your Success: Sales & Networking Training,

Carpe Diem: Seizing the Opportunity in Business

Image Building: Keys to Success in a Knowledge Based World; I The Product A Nontraditional Approach in Marketing and Self  Promoting Yourself;

How To Turn Trends into Fortunes:Capitalizing on Opportunity

Broadcasting and The Media, The Power of Perception 

Taylor is the author of the book How To Turn Trends Into Fortunes (Without Getting Left In The Dust).

His presentations to dozens of organizations include:

  • INC. Magazine
  • Babson College MBA Program
  • American Marketing Association
  • New York International Gift Fair
  • Boston Book Fair
  • New England Sports Museum

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Read Speaking Endorsements about Stu Taylor







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